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The Apprentice: Candidates struggle in tonight’s task

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Tonight’s episode of The Apprentice will see the candidates marketing health food snacks. The eight candidates are summoned to the London Aquatic Centre, heart of 2012 Olympic glory.

With the last few furlongs to go (before the final), the teams have two days to invent an original health snack, build a brand, then try and achieve maximum orders from leading figures in the health food industry.

Always desperate to impress Lord Sugar, one team throws themselves into the world of superfoods, and creates rejuvenating snack bars, the other opts for nutritious veggie crisps.

There’s chaos in the kitchen for some as confusion reigns over the recipes, leading to crucial last minute mistakes.

Elsewhere an over confident chef means too much of the wrong ingredient jeopardising their product, and a belligerent colleague refusing to take orders.

More mistakes follow with Team Versatile making false claims on their packaging that force them to cross out words using marker pens while Richard ends up removing important product details from their packaging.

The next day there’s brutal feedback on the streets of London, as Joseph relays the consumer testing feedback to his team: “I can’t just say I went and did some consumer testing and everyone really liked the name.”

With products refined the candidates pitch to industry experts but some find it tough with Brett stumbling through his first pitch. Plus, there’s a twist of fate as Gary ends up pitching his product to a former employer.

There’s nowhere to hide as the candidates face the harsh reality of business. Saving their toughest presentation until last, the final eight must endure and conquer if they’re to survive any further.

In the boardroom with the race on to reach the final five, there are tears and recriminations after Lord Sugar announces a shock result.

Tune in from 9pm tonight on BBC One.

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