Corrie: Tracey to be shocked on Christmas Day

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When Tracy overhears Amy telling Robert that he can be her number two dad, Tracy realises that Robert is the one for her. In The Rovers, Tracy confides in Todd that she reckons Robert is about to propose and she is going to accept.

Robert pulls out the engagement ring from his pocket, but before Tracy can take it, he demands to know why she has told Rob she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Can Tracy talk Robert round and get him to place the ring on her finger?

 At the same time, Johnny’s phone rings. Seeing the caller is Rob, Carla takes the call. Carla chats to Rob while Johnny goes into meltdown. Will Rob spill the beans about Johnny’s past?

Meanwhile, Tyrone produces some crackers and explains that each one is personalised. Sinead pulls the wrong cracker and is thrilled when an engagement ring lands in her lap. Tyrone quickly retrieves it, explaining that it’s for Fiz. Sinead is mortified, while Chesney is embarrassed. As they lead the girls out on to the street to reveal Lapland, Santa pulls up. Getting down on one knee in the snow, Tyrone produces the ring and proposes to Fiz. Will Fiz accept?

Elsewhere, Kylie presents David with an expensive watch, but he’s underwhelmed. Kylie strides into the pub as a woman on a mission. Telling David that she loves the bones of him, she kisses him passionately. Will David reciprocate?

Also today, Sally and Tim look forward to their first Christmas alone together. However, when Sophie and Kevin discover their turkey is still frozen, Sally is forced to invite them round. Izzy is taken ill and Tim finds himself forced to invite Anna and Faye to join them too. As they play charades at Number 4, Kevin goes to kiss Anna under the mistletoe, but will she respond?

Finally, Caz arrives home and surprises Kate by telling her that she has booked them into a posh hotel, and will Mary be stood up as she gets excited about spending the evening with Brendan?

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