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Neighbours will air the same day in the UK and Australia from 2016

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Neighbours fans will be happy to hear that from January 2016 the soap will air the same day in the UK and Australia.

Channel 5 have announced that they’ll be scrapping the transmission gap between the UK and Australia next year with an extra ten episodes to be squeezed in between December 7 and December 18 in order to catch up with the residents down under.

When the show comes back on January 4th fans will be watching the same episode that airs in Australia. Channel 5’s commissioning editor Greg Barnett commented: “At a time when online piracy can often mean hardcore fans’ enjoyment of continuing drama is spoilt, this is great news for our millions of Neighbours fans.

“Not only for the first time will it actually be Christmas when it actually is Christmas (instead of February), but viewers will see the new year start with a bang for Ramsay Street rotter Paul Robinson and the woman he’s been taunting, Steph Scully, who are caught up in one of the series’ most gripping storylines.”

The show will remain in its usual 1.45pm and 5.30pm slots on Channel 5 next year. However, the final two weeks of Neighbours this year will see the slots change temporarily to 1.35pm and 6pm to accommodate Christmas movies on the channel.

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